Experimental rover investigating seasonal jet eruptions on Mars while propelled by wind

1st EVA (Extravehicular Activity) at the Mars Desert Research Station with Crew 261 in:

(May 3, 2023 at 11:00 am)


Data from EVAs (date format: mm-dd-yy)


Maps from EVAs with GPS and environmental sensor data logged from Atmosphinder's electronics. Screenshots from custom maps web app from Robot Missions using Mapbox API. (date format: mm-dd-yy)

Baseline Quantitative Testing

Data from field testing

Test Date Composition Longitudinal (N) Latitudinal (N) Payload Degrees to Roll Rover
Baseline 04-23-23 Half-sized structure 22.75 28.75 N/A
EVA-4 05-03-23 Half-sized structure (same as Baseline) 14 23 340


Documentation submitted to Mission Support at the Mars Desert Research Station as a part of Crew 261




Atmosphinder investigates the geomorphic processes in the south polar region of Mars of seasonal jet eruptions and the important role it plays in the atmospheric system. The experimental prototype is a 7 ft tall rover with 2.4 m2 of sails to catch the wind. As the wind pushes the sails, the hoops begin to turn about a central bearing that is stabilized by reaction wheels. The electronics payload is suspended in the roll cage. The electronics are used to control sail trimming, precision drive module, sensors, reaction wheels, and lights. The prototype will be tested at the Mars Desert Research Station with Crew 261 in May 2023 to conduct three science objectives.

Science Objectives:

  1. Autonomous navigation control of rover as propelled by varying wind speed and direction
  2. Conduct a visual survey of the terrain, zonal boundaries, troughs, and rocks
  3. Collect environmental sensor payload data



Custom circuit board was created, named Hemisphere v1.0, based on all the previous work and lessons learned from Bowie's electronics.

Signal routing priority - Servo & DC motor - TX & RX (Sensors) - SDA / SCL - TX & RX (Comms) - Analog In & Sensor Signals - SPI Signal via Drill: 16 Diameter: 32 Power 100 mil via Drill: 40 Diameter: 100 Power 50 mil via Drill: 20 Diameter: 50

IAC 2022

Read my IAC 2022 paper, which covers the background research surrounding CO2 gas jets on Mars and the mission of Atmosphinder.


Title Topic Date
Shipping Operations Apr. 26, 2023
Electronics Power Distribution & Neopixels Electronics Apr. 26, 2023
More Sails & Tubes Fabrication Apr. 25, 2023
Baseline Field Test Testing Apr. 23, 2023
Outdoors Photography Apr. 23, 2023
Sanding Assembly Apr. 22, 2023
Blades Assembly Apr. 21, 2023
Crazy Carpet Touchup Fabrication Apr. 21, 2023
Electronics Assembly Electronics Apr. 21, 2023
Metal Prototype Assembly Apr. 19, 2023
Tubes Mid-level Fabrication Apr. 19, 2023
Hoof Testing Testing Apr. 18, 2023
Hoof Sub-Assembly Assembly Apr. 18, 2023
Unintentional Destructive Testing Testing Apr. 16, 2023
Metal Pieces Fabrication Apr. 15, 2023
Crazy Carpet Layup Fabrication Apr. 14, 2023
Receiving Circuit Boards Electronics Apr. 14, 2023
Bearing Assembly Assembly Apr. 14, 2023
3D Printing Manufacturing Fabrication Apr. 13, 2023
Tube Chopping Fabrication Apr. 12, 2023
Inner Bearing Metal Epoxy Fabrication Apr. 12, 2023
Prototype Pieces Fabrication Apr. 11, 2023
Bearings with Metal Epoxy Fabrication Apr. 11, 2023
Renders CAD Mar. 28, 2023
PVC & PEX Tubes Research Mar. 9, 2023

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